NEW! Pure water for formula



Looking for a healthier, convenient option? Make bottles straight from the box, no pre-boiling required. 

Boiling ordinary tap water kills the bacteria, but doesn't remove all the chemicals and heavy metals in it. Ordinary filtered water only removes the taste and odour. Bottled mineral water is very high in minerals and is not suitable for babies as it disturbs the ratio of minerals in the formula.  


Our filtration processes are designed especially with babies needs in mind. It goes through multiple level filtration, starting with an 8 stage natural filtration process, followed by reverse osmosis, world renowned CNFS natural oxygenation and then ultraviolet sterilisation.  

Our processes also give Pure Water for Babies an unmatched naturally high oxygen content (typically 10.5ppm) which is double the normal levels. Numerous studies have shown that this strengthens our immune system, defending us against unwanted bacteria, viruses and auto immune diseases.

We have created the most pure and natural water available, which is free of heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, volatile organic chemicals and nitrates - all of which babies do not require! A healthier alternative for babies and also great drinking water for toddlers, children and adults.


Great for taking on holiday and camping, and perfect on the bench top for instant convienence. Our packaging is completely BPA free. You can have confidence that our water is a healthier alternative to pre-boiled tap water and better for babies.

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